From farming energy cane to producing ethanol, converting biomass to electricity, or siting wind farms and solar arrays, Glades County expects to be at the forefront of renewable energy production in South Florida.

Florida Power & Light Company, the largest electric utility in Florida, has been working with Glades County leaders to site a 100-megawatt solar project in Glades County.

If built, the project would be similar in technology to a solar array in Desoto County, which made national news by opening as the largest photovoltaic plant in the nation. The Glades County site would be capable of producing four times the power of its sister project -- easily making it one of the world’s largest photovoltaic solar plants-- and make Florida one of the world’s leaders in solar energy. FPL has identified land for the project located at the intersection of State Road 78 and State Road 29 in Glades County, on sod farm property owned by Lykes Bros. Inc. The area on which the panels would be installed is approximately 1,000 acres. Once operational, the project would be expected to have the capacity to supply power to approximately 12,000 homes.

Construction of the $400 million project was put on hold pending legislative and regulatory approval. Legislation that passed in 2008 enabled FPL to quickly put people to work building 110 megawatts of large-scale solar projects. All three solar projects were built on-time and more than $100 million under budget. The hope is that this Glades solar project would be the first of a series of projects within the Heartland corridor, making the region and Glades County in particular, more attractive to manufacturers in the solar industry.

Abundant available acreage for location of bio energy facilities and growing biomass in an area with substantial agricultural expertise is an exceptional feature of Glades County. Access to transportation by rail and road, and transmission lines also make the area attractive for both alternative energy facilities and production of biomass.

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