Glades County EDC | 998 US Hwy 27 Moore Haven, FL 33471 | 1 (863) 946-0300 |

The Glades County promise: Living well and being cared for


The Leeds-Silver certified Glades County Health Department, which offers Clinical and Nutrition Services, Wellness Programs, Community Health Planning and Statistics and Environmental Health, under the auspices of the State of Florida, opened in 2011.  Florida Community Health Centers Inc. provides pediatric and adult primary and preventive care; preventive and restorative dental services; and OB/GYN services onsite and is exploring offering business services including drug screenings, worker’s comp and other services by contract to companies locating in the adjacent Glades County Business Park and Americas Gateway Logistics Center.

A new Emergency Operations Center, housing fire, EMS and emergency management services opened in the Glades County Compound in 2015.

All of these services have been developed to promote health and wellness for Glades County residents and new businesses locating or expanding in Glades County, lowering insurance rates and improving quality of life.


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