Ample acreage. Built-in opportunity.

Strategic Site Selection

Business Friendly Climate

With property adjacent to road, rail, water and utilities infrastructure, and an economic development tax abatement which is not restricted to manufacturing, Glades County offers a business-friendly climate.

Aggressive Local Option Economic Development Tax Abatement

Companies may apply to the Glades County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for an abatement of the county portion of projected ad valorem taxes from 10 percent to 100 percent for up to ten years (based on the number of jobs expected to be created and salaries associated with those jobs). At their discretion, the BOCC may award the abatement to any new business which locates in the county. Email for a copy of the application

Expedited permitting, fast track rezoning, impact fee waivers.

In Glades County, a building permit can be secured (with stamped, engineered plans) in 10-14 business days. Rezoning property can be accomplished in two to three months. Water management permits for properties in the Glades County Business and Commerce Park and Americas Gateway Logistics Center can be secured within one to two months; more complicated environmental permits secured within six to nine months. Glades County has also waived impact fees indefinitely.

Low overall operating costs

According to a recent economic analysis by Site Selection Group, businesses locating in Glades County will enjoy a 12 percent cost savings in overall operating costs versus the Central or South Florida Markets.

Foreign Trade Zone Status

Glades County is one of six counties in the Florida Heartland Economic Region of Opportunity (FHERO). As such, industrial properties in Glades County will enjoy free trade zone status under FTZ 215 as a usage driven FTZ site.

A foreign-trade zone (FTZ) in the United States is a geographical area, in (or adjacent to) a United States Port of Entry, where commercial merchandise, both domestic and foreign receives the same customs treatment it would if it were outside the commerce of the United States.

Merchandise of every description may be held in the Zone without being subject to customs duties and other ad valorem taxes. This tariff and tax relief is designed to lower the costs of U.S.-based operations engaged in international trade, creating and retaining the employment and capital investment opportunities that result from those operations.

And that’s not all…

  • The New Markets Tax Credit Program allows businesses involved in manufacturing or other projects expanding in a rural community to qualify for a 39% federal income tax credit available over a 7-year compliance period. For more information and how to apply, visit
  • Contiguous with EB-5 Regional Center in Palm Beach County, making projects in Glades eligible for EB-5 investment – $500,000 in rural FL versus $1 million urban. For more information and how to apply, visit