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Strategic Site Selection

Maps and Demographics

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Population, workforce, and market area

The map below shows the distribution/market area for Americas Gateway Logistics Center in red. The beige overlay indicates the labor shed, a workforce population in excess of 170,000 who live within 45 minutes of the site.

Potential Workforce (2020 Population)
Within 45 minutes:      176,687
Within 60 minutes:  1,400,000

In the six-counties within a 45-minute drive time from Glades County communities, the current prime-age labor force participation rate is 75%. If the drive time is increased to 60-minutes to include coastal counties, businesses can tap into a labor force in excess of one million workers.

The majority of the population has a high school degree. While 62 percent of the labor force is employed in white collar jobs (versus 37 percent blue collar) of those, more than 10,000 are employed or under-employed in retail. Career Source Heartland, for example, reports that the top growing positions in their service area are Food Prep/Servers, Retail Sales, Farmworkers, Cashiers and Customer Service Representatives and yet reports interviewing 21.1 candidates per one available job opening.


South Florida Population Projections

If You Locate in the Center of the Southern Half of Florida You Capture All of the Most Significant Consumption Market